On the last episode, the male roommates were indignant that Snooki got punched by a man because she's a "regular girl." Later, Vinny and Pauly made a distinction between "whores" and "human beings." So which category does Snooki fall into?

Let Vinny and Pauly D explain it:

So let's break it down:
A "regular girl" is like a sister or a friend.
A "whore" is someone that will hook up with a guy without going on a few dates first and/or will go to the Jersey Shore house, strip off her clothes, and jump into the jacuzzi.
A "human being" is a girl that you have to treat respectfully.


According to these definitions, Snooki is a "regular girl," a "whore," and a "human being." For all the chivalry the guys displayed (if that's what you want to call kicking things and screaming into the night air of a deserted boardwalk) after Snooki's assault, they really don't seem to grasp the fact that all women are human beings and should be treated respectfully.

But whatever the case, I'm glad that Snooki is finally getting the respect she deserves, even if she had to get punched in the face to feel loved by her roommates. Ronnie's pep talk, BTW, was inspired.




I wonder which category of female Vinny and Pauly would place Ronnie's mom under?

If it were up to me, I'd guess she's the "fluff up quick" variety.

Getting back to Snooki, she was freaked out when the police alerted her that the guy who assaulted her was already released on bail. But she seemed even more freaked out by "frickin' lobster."


JWow continues to offer a lot of support.

She was really there for Snooki in her time of need, to offer her advice and to say comforting things like, "[That guy will get charged with] a lot. Assault…all that shit. Do you wanna go tanning later?" I love a girl who will offer a shoulder to cry on, and request some shoulders to grind on.


I also thought it was sweet when she beat up that girl for calling Snooki fat. Well, I didn't think it was sweet that she beat anyone up, but it was sweet that later, she told Snooki that the heckler called all of them fat, so that it wouldn't make Snooki feel bad.

And now for "Counting on the Situation."

There were five references to Mike "The Situation" on this episode (three of which were made by him).
There was one reference made to a "situation" in general.


And now we have a "Problem" — that's Pauly D's new nickname, and he couldn't be prouder.

Ronnie believes that Pauly is "The Ultimate Guido," based on his Italian flag electronic A/V equipment.

I think it has more to do with his waterproof hair.

And now, if you'll ahscuse me, you inscluded from chicken cutlet night.