Jersey Shore Reunion: Sammi & Ronnie's Situation

Last night's reunion of the Jersey Shore cast—also starring Angelina—was anticlimactic, sloppy, and weirdly set up. (Why did the cast sit so far apart on giant bleachers?) Luckily, some unseen footage sparked major dramz between Sammi and Ronnie.

When Sammi and Ronnie joined the host on the stage, Sammi became visibly uncomfortable and began to cry when she learned that there was a "never-before-seen clip" that might have some negative implications. Things got really awkward (which the weirdly spliced editing didn't help), until Sammi hobbled off the stage in her heels to cry in the bathroom.

And the clip was so not a big deal at all! These two are constantly making melanoma out of benign mole hills.

They ended up breaking up on stage, but if their shared Twitter account is any indication, they are still totally together.


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