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Jeremy Renner Wishes Somebody Named 'Scarlet' a Happy Mother's Day

Illustration for article titled Jeremy Renner Wishes Somebody Named Scarlet a Happy Mothers Day

What’s the best thing to do after teaming up with another bro and calling your coworker a slut? Why, wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day and misspelling her name on social media, of course!


Oh, Jeremy Renner. Stay off of social media, won’t you? (Also, I’m kind of like: did he forget Scarlett’s daughter’s name or something? What’s up with “you and your girl”? And capping ‘FIRST’ just seems totally aggressive, as if he’s the *only* one to remember that it’s her first Mother’s Day—but that’s me being super annoyed by this whole dynamic.)


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As someone whose name is routinely misspelled by close blood relatives, I don’t see this as awful, just a mistake. Hey, he tried.