Jennifer Lopez's Hillary Clinton-Approved 'Ain't Your Mama' Video Was Full of Product Placement

Jennifer Lopez’s new video for “Ain’t Your Mama” includes the voices of Gloria Steinem, Patricia Arquette and Hillary Clinton speaking about women’s equality. And, according to a new report, it also includes a good deal of product placement—much of which was needed to support Lopez’s expensive vision for the video.

Page Six writes that, after Lopez performed the song on American Idol, interest in the song sped up, and the production of the video was fast-tracked.

We’re told that a “product-placement specialist” was called in two days before production began on the clip because there were concerns the video — which premiered Friday — couldn’t be completed to the singer’s usual high standards without an injection of extra funds.


Here’s some other stuff featured in the video, including the app Friendable, which sources told Page Six was added on at the last minute as a way for Lopez’s coven of ladies to meet-up and have their dance protest in the streets, but also so the shoot could be completed on-budget:


It should be noted that product placement in music videos is incredibly common these days, though obviously some of it is more blatant that others; “Ain’t Your Mama” would definitely fall on the blatant end of the scale, especially given the dichotomy between the “empowering” subject matter at hand being monetized in order to be completed in the way J.Lo saw fit.



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