Jennifer Lawrence Chose to Be Cold, Deal With It

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Due to unseasonably amazing East Coast weather today and my extreme affection for the present moment and no other, this story reminded me that it’s been kind of chilly in the past, and will be cold tomorrow. That fucking sucks. Also, why does Jennifer Lawrence have to deal with this temperature-shaming shit? Other than because she’s one of the most famous people on the planet, and a woman.


On Wednesday, Lawrence responded to speculations, promulgated in part by a Jezebel post published Tuesday, that while posing for a recent London photocall in a sleek, variously open Versace number next to men wearing coats, she might have been cold (Jezebel, for the record, was not blaming Lawrence for the discrepancy, and floated the idea that Lawrence wanted to wear the dress to look fabulous, and she did).

Anyway, here’s Lawrence’s response, where she tells her critics to get a grip and that she chose to be cold.

Seriously, what’s so bad about being cold? It’s not like she’s wearing Jeremy Irons’ ascot.


While I was blogging and sleeping Rihanna was wearing this dreamy hot pant and gathered pouf combo (it’s Saint Laurent, and possibly also a dress?) to her 30th birthday party at The Pool in Midtown Manhattan.


The New York Bash included, according to sources who spoke to the New York Post: a lot of champagne, one new boyfriend of Rihanna, Leo DiCaprio, Paris Hilton, and so forth. My favorite quote from a source: “They crushed hundreds of bottles of champagne, and Leo DiCaprio snuck into the afterparty through a side door” I hope in that order.

And Majesty was there in this unbelievable look (scroll down a bit).

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Thank you for the (unintentional) shout out to my home town of Champaign Il!

Not to be confused with champagne, the beverage.