Please Give Jennifer Lawrence a Dang Coat

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

If you’re looking at a woman and she is appropriately protected from the ravages of wind and rain, will you forget how hot she is? Yes. Thank you, J. Law’s stylists, for respecting this truth.

Jennifer Lawrence was wearing Versace at this photocall in London on Tuesday, alongside her male castmates. And she looks undeniably great, if rather vulnerable to the elements:


The gentlemen also appear to be carefully styled within an inch of their lives, but I’m seeing loose jeans, peacoats, layers, and functional boots. Could one of them maybe have shrugged off their fisherman-inspired wear and given Lawrence a dang coat?

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

The answer, as we all know, is of course they couldn’t. Maybe Lawrence wanted to wear this dress and look fantastic. Maybe she didn’t get the memo and thought this was a more formal affair. Maybe she is contractually obligated to show up for photo calls in full glam instead of a loose weave sweater. Hollywood can be a cold, cold place, much like Mother Russia.

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I feel like the right coat, like a red velvet trench with an enormous (faux) fur collar, wouldn’t be amiss with the whole femme fatale vibe. It would also make this a lot more fair!