Jennifer Hudson Crashes, Then Performs, at a Gay Couple's Wedding

Celebrities just love to crash the weddings of us normal folk.

Beyoncé and Jay Z did it. Taylor Swift has done it (of course). This time, it was Jennifer Hudson. The singer surprised a gay couple who was getting married at a W Hotel in Dallas, Texas. After the ceremony, Hudson came out to sing her song, “I Still Love You.” The performance was a complete surprise for the crowd, including the newlyweds—Chris and Scott Lindsey.


Hudson works with W Hotels and Turn It Up For Change, a human rights campaign focused on LGBT equality, reports Page Six. Her surprise appearance at the wedding was another way for the 33-year-old songstress to show her support. Chris and Scott Lindsey have been together for 14 years and have four children, and hopefully Hudson is the kind of impromptu guest they’d have wanted at their wedding—unlike that freeloader Jeremy Renner.

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If she found out they were huge fans and surprised them, yes.

If W Hotels and Jennifer Hudson decided to surprise them, I’m not sure that was for the most altruistic reasons, and something about it sticks in my craw. Lady, it’s OUR day, not the day where you and your corporate sponsor get to hitch your philosophical wagon to our star.