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Jenji Kohan's Next TV Show Will Be About a Socialite Who Joins a Renaissance Faire

Jenji Kohan’s latest scripted series, American Princess, which is heading straight to Lifetime, has the most incredible premise for a television show I’ve heard in quite some time.


Here’s the description, courtesy of Variety:

The series centers on an Upper East Side socialite who becomes a viral sensation for bailing out on her dream countryside wedding after learning that her fiancé has been cheating on her. She winds up getting stranded with a Renaissance Faire outfit with no phone and no means of getting home.


The show was created by Jamie Denbo, best known as Beverly Ginsberg from the comedy duo/podcast “Ronna and Beverly,” Kohan, who excels at fish-out-of-water scenarios, will executive produce along with Tara Hartmann, who has worked on another Kohan show, Orange is the New Black. “From the get-go, ‘American Princess’ was a concept we loved as it’s incredibly relatable to want to parachute from one’s life in difficult times,” Liz Gateley, Lifetime’s executive VP and head of programming told Variety. As someone who makes weekly threats to leave it all behind to sell coconut water and homemade edibles on a beach in Hawaii, I get it.

Imagine Tinsley Mortimer at her peak wearing a Monique Lhullier wedding dress spattered with mud, trapped with a band of men in chain mail and women wearing a lot of velvet and ruffs for days. Does it get any better than that? I think not. Knowing little else about this show aside from the description, I can say with confidence that I will watch it whenever it premieres without any hesitation.

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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This covers all the bases for me. I look forward to this. As a person once involved in the SCA (teenager looking for where she belonged- NOT there, sadly- my local kingdom was filled with creepy dudes at the time and 16 yr old me didn’t want to feel the need to be on high alert all the time), I dig the premise.