Jeff Conaway In Coma After Overdose

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Jeff Conaway—known for his roles in Taxi, Grease, and most recently Celebrity Rehab—is in a coma and listed in critical condition following a drug overdose of pain pills on May 11.

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As someone who was in a chronic pain situation for all-too-many years, I find this news particularly saddening and deeply unsettling. Though I never over-used, I had to resort to a combo of low-dose morphine, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant on days when things got especially unbearable. I think I have some small understanding of how easy it would be to become reliant and, ultimately, addicted. That said, I don't think commenters are being over-harsh in suggesting he was a man who truly did not want to get better (and if I recall, his girlfriend was an enabler who only added fuel to an already toxic situation). He is in the hands of the fates right now...