Japan Really Needs Some Babies

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Nobody in Japan wants to have kids.

Japan’s birthrate has fallen to the lowest in history, the Guardian reports. 921,000 babies were born in 2018, which is the lowest number on record since 1899. This is also the third year in a row that the total birth number is below one million. To keep the population stable, the government wanted the average number of children a woman has to be 1.8 by April 2026, but that’s not going to happen with the birth rate decreasing, with it now standing at 1.43.


This has been a concern for years now, with so many reasons why Japanese people just aren’t having kids. Studies in the past decade or so have found that young Japanese people are growing increasingly disinterested in sex, and even the Japanese government has tried to intervene to get people to couple up with local governments hosting dating events. There’s also a shortage of child care facilities in Japan, so it can be hard for working women to return to their jobs after having children, and bad economic prospects for men mean that people aren’t getting married and starting families at the same rates.

But you know who just keep sticking around? Old people. Life expectancy for Japanese women is 87.2 and 81.01 the Guardian reports and with 20% of the population 70 and older, Japan has the highest population of old people in the world.

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People are awful. So I’m sure they’ll find some way to shame and/or force women into marrying shitty men and popping out babies.

Oh wait - they already do. Tokyo medical school admits changing results to exclude women.

One of Japan’s most prestigious medical schools has admitted deliberately altering entrance exam scores for more than a decade to restrict the number of female students and ensure more men became doctors.


The investigation found that in this year’s entrance exams the school reduced all applicants’ first-stage test scores by 20% and then added at least 20 points for male applicants, except those who had previously failed the test at least four times. It said similar manipulations had occurred for years because the school wanted fewer female doctors, since it anticipated they would shorten or halt their careers after having children.

Notice the sexist lie at the end? They allowed unqualified men to become doctors because women might quit to become moms. Except...they literally have a situation where women are choosing their careers over motherhood. So something doesn’t quite add up there.

It’s basically what men have done in all cultures since the beginning of civilization - leave women will fewer options so they’ll choose marriage. Interesting how the trope is of women “trapping” men in marriage. So much sexism is massive projection.

Edit: Kinja keeps breaking my link. The quote is from an article on The Gaurdian - you can google it if the link doesn’t get fixed.