Janice Dickinson Wants to Sue Bill Cosby's Ex-Lawyer Marty Singer, Again

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In a Los Angeles, Janice Dickinson and her lawyer Lisa Bloom have asked that Cosby’s former lawyer Marty Singer be re-added to their defamation case against Bill Cosby as a defendant. Judge Debre Weintraub dismissed Singer in February.


According to Deadline, Bloom says that she and her client plan to exhaust all avenues in their suit, including keeping Singer—who specifically called Dickinson a liar in response to her allegations of sexual assault against Cosby— on the hook.

Andrew Brettler, Singer’s lawyer, is hopeful that this too shall pass, again.

“Judge Weintraub got it right in February when she struck all the allegations against Mr. Singer,” Singer’s lawyer Andrew Brettler of Lavely & Singer told Deadline today. “We’re very confident that the Court of Appeal will affirm her decision.”

Last month, a judge ruled that Dickinson’s defamation case against Cosby could go forward after a months-long stalemate initiated by the actor’s legal team.

Back in Philadelphia, Cosby’s lawyers in his criminal case have requested that his 2004 testimony, during which he admitted to procuring Quaaludes to give to women, be resealed, according to Page Six. The comedian’s team will present their case on Wednesday in a federal court of appeals. The Associated Press, who initially requested the documents, will argue that, with as much media coverage as the incendiary testimony received, what’s the point of sealing the testimony now? Great question.

Earlier this month, a Pennsylvania judge stayed Cosby’s testimony in the defamation case brought by Tamara Green and six more women, to keep Cosby from pleading the Fifth Amendment in a separate criminal case involving the 2004 alleged assault of Andrea Constand.

In Green’s defamation case against the comedian, a federal judge ruled on Tuesday that his wife Camille Cosby must go forward with the deposition she and her lawyers have fought so hard against. Her second deposition is scheduled for April 19, and the judge limited Green’s lawyer Joseph Cammarata from posing “improper questions.”


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