Janice Dickinson appeared on FNTM last week as a guest judge. Attempting to give modeling advice over dinner, she instead exhibited erratic behavior, downed a glass of red wine in a matter of seconds, fell down the stairs, then screamed that the contestants are "all so fucking dumb."

After she landed at the bottom of the staircase she began crying, screaming and ranting, saying "Do something you stupid models! Call a fucking ambulance! You're so stupid! Call a fucking ambulance! Figure something out! All you do is pose. You're all so fucking dumb!"

The screen then went black and a bunch of Finnish text appeared that is roughly translated as:

A quote from the first aid report: The patient fell down the stairs, complains about her right foot/leg and her head. Is shouthing, resists to be checked. No visible injuries. Insists a ride to the hospital because she says she's a sex symbol. In the hospital Janice wants special treatment. The requests is refused as unnecessary. Janice has recovered and wants to meet the girls.


In the next scene, she is a little more lucid and tells the girls that before she met up with them, she had some champagne and then accidentally took "sleeping aids" which she mistook for Vitamin C. She apologized for her behavior and said, "I don't remember the things that I said, and that's wrong."

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