Jane Fonda's Sex Advice to Conan: It's Not All About the Boners

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Jane Fonda is a national treasure and a cultural icon (because glasses) and her exercise videos, which I discovered at the tender age of 12 kept me fit and toned for the entire three weeks that I did them (and then donuts happened). Well, Barbarella's written a new book for teenagers about life, love, and sexing. So, naturally, there's now a clip of Jane Fonda talking to Conan O'Brien about boners.

Fonda's best advice to the aging (he's 51) host: Popping a pill on the way home isn't going to cut it. Your partner's romantic schedule doesn't revolve around an erection. Damn straight, Jane Fonda. Take your time!

Watch the video and Fonda's hilarious Freudian slip below.

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That may be true for her, but I know LOTS of women that find oral and manual sex tedious and much prefer PiV.