Jane Fonda On Her Plastic Surgery: "I Don't Feel Proud Of It"

Last night, Jane Fonda appeared on Larry King Live to plug the launch of World Fitness Day. Fonda, 72, admitted she "caved" after swearing off plastic surgery in 2000, saying, "If I was really brave, I would've not."

Fonda said she didn't want to lie about it, and though she doesn't feel proud about going back on her vow, she said it's her prerogative, and that she wants to look on the outside how she feels on the inside (she purposely did not use cosmetic procedures to address her crow's feet and laugh lines because she likes them). I think she looks incredible, although incredibly similar to Judge Judy, which makes me wonder if tasteful plastic surgery produces the same kind of results.

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Now that I am "post 40" I am beginning to understand the allure of plastic surgery more. It is shocking when your face and body start to change in those ways. And I have never been considered "pretty," so I can only imagine what it is like for actresses and models who have been judged by or reached success in large part for their appearance.

But that being said, life is so short, I can't imagine risking it on surgery that is not necessary.

Also, can I just say that what really sucks is being post-40 and having to deal with wrinkles AND pimples. It's just not fair!