Jane Curtin: "SNL Was A Misogynistic Environment"

Today, select members of SNL were on Oprah and when asked about whether she felt she was a ground-breaker for women in comedy Jane Curtin got real, opening up about the show's hostile environment for women—particularly women writers—which was perpetuated by John Belushi, who said "Women are just fundamentally not funny." At table reads he would not read jokes above a whisper if they were written by women. Curtin said, "He felt as if it were his duty to sabotage pieces that were written by women."



WHOA, she couldn't get a credit card because she was a self-employed woman??

Oprah's absolutely right, I am like "WHAT," and it's because I'm young. I have women like this to thank for the fact that I go "WHAT" at statements like that. Thank you, funny ladies of the mid-1900s!