Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Are About to Tell Everyone They're in Love

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Folks, the relationship that gossip rags have spent three years attempting to convince us is actually happening based on a single photo of two people being vaguely affectionate with each other in what appears to be a recording studio is FINALLY (maybe) (potentially) about to be confirmed by its two alleged participants, Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes.


If Us Weekly is correct, the two lovebirds are going to have their coming out party any minute now, not that you care. They write:

“To make it impossible to get photo evidence that they are together, they traveled in cars with tinted windows and took secret back elevators,” shares [an] insider. “They had it down to a science.”

It proved to be exhausting. Now says [another] source, “Katie is tired of playing the hiding game.”

The most convincing rumor I’ve heard regarding Holmes’s reluctance to share her romance with Foxx with the world (or at least the one I find most intriguing) is that, as per her divorce agreement, she was prohibited from “dating publicly” for five years.

And guess what? Her divorce was finalized in June 2012.


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In a story that is both sad and unsurprising, Page Six reports that the conservatorship created so that Britney Spears’s father would have “control over her life will continue indefinitely.” The agreement was set up in 2008, after Spears went through some widely publicized mental health problems, but a source tells Page Six she’s convinced it’s good for her, adding:

“...She’s happy because everything is taken care of for her. She’s in a Britney bubble. She’s healthy, she just celebrated another year of sobriety, and she’s dating a handsome guy, model and personal trainer Sam Ashgari.”

She does seem happy. I’ll give her that.

[Page Six]

The moment after reading this headline I started hearing the Dharma & Greg theme song in my head.

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