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James Franco And Seth Rogen Join in On the Kimye Vogue Cover Madness

Illustration for article titled James Franco And Seth Rogen Join in On the Kimye emVogue/em Cover Madness

Prepare yourselves, because the Kimye Vogue cover parodies are coming. The muppets have already thrown down the gauntlet and now James Franco and Seth Rogen have taken up the challenge of becoming the world's most talked-about couple.


Franco posted the photo of the two friends altered onto Kim and Kanye's bodies to his Instagram last night and it's already blowing up, prompting many (me) to wonder who we'll see posed as the happy couple next. My bet is on Heidi and Spencer Pratt (we haven't heard from them in a while) or Kim and Kanye themselves. It will be a concept event based on a photo shoot and it will be amazing.

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