James Deen Thanks Fans for Support, Companies for Hiring Him, Fellow Porn Stars for Fucking Him

In a new blog post on his website, James Deen thanked “everyone” for their support following his two wins at the AVN Awards this past weekend.


Deen had sent several tweets previously about his wins, but this is his longest statement on the matter, and the one that most clearly suggests that he’s aware that he could have immediately been ostracized from the community following the multiple allegations of rape, assault and inappropriate behavior on and off set he’s faced from fellow porn actors.

Calling The AVN Awards “a very emotional experience,” Deen goes on to thank the fans, colleagues and companies that have worked with him in the past, and alludes to the importance of consent in porn.

have you ever heard the saying “driving is a privilege not a right”? it is something that is on the test to get a drivers license in California. i feel the same way about being in the adult industry. yes you have the right to do with your body whatever you want, however, the privilege of being allowed to use your body to make entertainment is based on a lot of other people. people have to choose to do business with you. people have to allow you to do stuff with their bodies (assuming you are making the type of movies i make). people have to be willing to purchase the movies where you are performing. i don’t have a job because of me. i have a job because of long long LONG list of other people. the companies that continue to shoot me, the directors that insist that i am in their movies, the women who want to have sex with me, the people who watch the movies i’m in and continue to support me.


It’s an interesting declaration, given that the awards Deen won this weekend were for work that he made before the numerous women he allegedly behaved inappropriately/illegally towards came forward. Since then, several high-profile porn companies have cut ties with Deen, including Tushy, one of the companies that released the film he won the Best Double Penetration Scene award for.


Deen is currently dating the woman he founded the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee with, Chanel Preston, who suggested on Twitter that she didn’t feel quite welcome at the Awards.


For his part, Deen seems to want it to appear that his career will be fine going forward, and that his friends in the community are supporting him. He does not seem to be entirely wrong about that.


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