Lawyer Claims Ja Rule's Fyre Festival Ideas 'Got Hijacked'

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Image via Getty

Ja Rule claims his business partner Billy McFarland is legally responsible for the Fyre Festival scam that ended in shambles and lawsuits.


At a hearing on Tuesday for a class action suit from festival attendees, Ja Rule’s lawyer Thomas Herndon claimed that McFarland spearheaded the Fyre Fest concert experience, which escalated into a tropical mess. In the process, Ja Rule’s co-organizer role allegedly got diminished.

“Billy McFarland ran the show. My client got wrapped up in this unintentionally,” Herndon told the judge, adding that “his ideas got hijacked by McFarland.” Participants who were promised luxury instead complained about substandard conditions and were ultimately left stranded in the Bahamas.


Back in April, as festival-goers were still trying to get off the island, Ja Rule apologized for the drama via Twitter and the Notes app: “I truly apologize as this is NOT MY FAULT... but I’m taking responsibility.”

McFarland has pleaded not guilty to related wire fraud charges.

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