J-Rod's Getting Hitched

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Another news cycle, another giant-ass celebrity engagement ring posted to Instagram.


After two years of dating, Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have announced their engagement via social media. There should really be a social media platform that’s just for engagement ring shots, gender reveal videos, wedding albums, and pictures of kids on the first day of school, but that’s neither here nor there. Anyway, take a gander at the size of that diamond. It looks like a cartoon.


“she said yes,” Rodriguez captioned the photo. Side note: those are the fingernails of a woman who knows she’s getting engaged, so good on him for making sure she had enough forewarning to get an incredibly bridal mani.

Ellen DeGeneres, longtime advocate of this union, has already offered to serve as maid of honor. I’d like to put in a request for the bridal party to also include Leah Remini and for the bachelorette party and wedding to become a two-part documentary.

Congrats, A. Lo!

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Who knows if/how long this marriage will last but damn are they not an excellent match for each other. Aside from the physical, they have similar backgrounds and upbringing, both have similar aged children from a previous marriage, both are business/brand savvy, and they are both in similar places on their respective fame spectrum (peak fame has already passed and they are in the second phase of their careers). It also helps that they are famous in different fields.

I wish these crazy kids (and their iceberg ring) well.