Ivanka Trump Suggests That Her Father Will Honor the Results of the Election if He Loses

Photo: Getty
Photo: Getty

Ivanka Trump, a shiny woman with a very dirty mouth and her daddy Donald Trump’s most vocal surrogate, suggested Wednesday that if he were to lose the election, he’d concede to Hillary Clinton. Do you believe that? I don’t!


When asked about what she thinks her father will do if he loses the election to Hillary Clinton at an appearance at Fortune Magazine’s most Powerful Women summit, the Associated Press reports that Ivanka assured us that her father is “in it to win it.”

Hmmm...doesn’t sound very encouraging to me! But Ivanka clarified, saying “And of course I think my father will always do the right thing. That’s the type of person he is.”

Please keep in mind that Donald Trump has been shouting from every platform available to him that the election is “rigged.” His behavior is that of a man flailing to keep his head above water in the face of numerous women alleging sexual assault. He is a virulently racist man who yells harmful bullshit in an attempt to stoke the fires under the asses of his supporters, calling into question the legitimacy of the voting process by screeching like a howler monkey about “voter fraud.” He’s a dangerous man who, if all works out, will eventually be stopped. But he will probably never “do the right thing.”

What precisely do you think Donald Trump thinks the “right thing” is?

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Theory: Ivanka has never met her father

addendum: in all photos, one or both is a body double