Taylor Swift Retweeted Her Break-Up, Because It's the Future

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Only 24 hours after Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’ break-up became public fodder, Harris has finally spoken out about their split on Twitter, which was then retweeted by Swift. This is what the Internet has done to us all.


“The only truth here is that a relationship came to an end & what remains is a huge amount of love and respect,” wrote Harris on June 2, which his ex-paramour then retweeted.

Thank you, Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift, for inspiring me to retweet my next conscious uncoupling.


According to Us Weekly, an unnamed source said that the reason behind Swift and Harris’ split after 15 months of dating was because “it just wasn’t working anymore.” Another confirmed that Tay-Tay is “doing OK now,” so thank goodness.

As Billboard noted, Harris’ tweet could possibly be considered as a direct counter-measure to rumors surrounding their break-up—namely that “Harris was ‘intimidated’ by Swift’s fame, that Swift was ‘all about Hollywood,’” and/or that the relationship had grown stale.

If anything, at least we can all agree that all parties have been particularly civil. Adulting, huzzah!


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This has zero things to do with breakups or Taylor Swift, but I need to whine about this somewhere..... I had a plan to bake bread tonight. Everything was going great. Shopped for the ingredients, got home, got the kitchen ready, made the dough, left it to the first rising. An hour later I realized I never put it salt. FML. #SadTrombone