It's 'Skate or Die, Bitch,' in the Trailer for Teen Movie The Skate Kitchen


Teens are at their best when they’re both intimidating and vulnerable—roving in packs on skateboards and experiencing life—which is what makes this trailer for The Skate Kitchen so damn good.

It helps that director Crystal Moselle is intimately familiar with the workings of New York City teen subcultures. In her debut—the 2015 documentary The Wolf Pack—she documented the lives of the Argulo brothers, seven teens homeschooled by their father, who rarely let them out of the house. Her second short film, That One Day, was shot as part of a collaboration with Miu Miu, and introduced her to the subjects of The Skate Kitchen, a loose collective of teen girl skaters in New York City.

In The Skate Kitchen, Camille (Rachel Vilnberg) moves to Manhattan from Long Island and falls in with a crew called the Skate Kitchen. Jaden Smith stars as a male skateboarder who becomes her love interest, and per the official description, “a relationship with him proves to be trickier to navigate than a kickflip.”

This looks like just the ticket for a hot-as-hell summer day when the only thing to do is sit in a dark theatre, drink a Cherry Coke, and escape. The movie is out August 10.

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