It's Okay to Feel Good About Amazon's A League Of Their Own TV Series

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Christmas is almost here, the Little Mermaid was live-ish, and elsewhere, out in the ether of Hollywood, our brother from another Quibi is still producing television programs, though we have yet to figure out how to watch. Kate McKinnon is playing a cat (woman) and Bella Thorne is going to direct a movie. I’m not sure if this is what the apocalypse looks like, but I bet it’s pretty close.


For some reason, I’m not terrifically mad at the news that Amazon is developing a series based on A League Of Their Own, but I will be livid if it does not include an three-episode arc about what Marla Hooch has been up to since she got drunk at that dive bar and sang that song to the man she eventually married. [Variety]

Unsure how to feel about Bella Thorne’s latest heel turn as both director and star of an “elevated thriller,” but this is what life has handed us and we must muddle through, regardless. [Deadline]

Every single dribble of casting news about the Batman thrills me to no end, but this confuses me more than anything else: Colin Farrell is in talks to play the Penguin. What... man. [Deadline]

Ah yes, a workplace thriller, starring Ben Stiller and Adam Scott, which “takes place at Lumen Industries, a company that’s looking to take work-life balance to a new level.” Hmmmm. Something to consider. [Deadline]

Kerry Washington is executive producing live, holiday-themed remakes of All In The Family and Good Times for ABC. Jimmy Kimmel will also be involved. [Deadline]

If you like podcasts, cats, big cats, exotic cats, Kate McKinnon, and comedy, then Hulu has a show for you! [Vulture]


Well, Zac Efron is going to play a journalist who flies to Belize to interview anti-virus software impersario and recuse John McAfee and gets pulled into a web of deceit, guns, sex, lies, and I don’t know what else. [Deadline]

Adam Rippon and Michelle Collins are starring in “Relationship Rehab,” which is a show in which they give advice to people in relationships, even though they are not qualified to do so. If you can figure out how to watch this on Facebook, you get a cookie! [Variety]


Sandra Bullock will be in another movie on Netflix, but she won’t be a bird trapped in a box, or whatever (I didn’t see Bird Box). [Variety]

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Much like the Netflix show about Anne of Green Gables, I would also watch A League of Their Own show, no doubt. 

I’d watch it... cautiously, and probably by myself because I’d be crowing at the TV a bunch and annoy the shit out of anyone I watched it with. It would be easier that way, at least for other people.