It's Cool For Pregnant Chicks to Eat Nuts Again

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Added to the ever-changing, constantly growing, completely contradictory list of shit that pregnant women should and should not do to have the best pregnancy ever is the consumption of nuts, previously thought to increase the risk of nut allergies in children. A new study suggests that the exact opposite is true.

The latest study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics, finds that preggos should eat nuts as a way to prevent nut allergies as a way to induce tolerance into the baby. According to the author of the study:

It does seem like there is a part of time in the young child's development where exposure to the food allergen is needed to acquire tolerance and not allergy.



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Here are the things I will not consume while pregnant—cigarettes, hard drugs, certain medications that specifically have warning labels for pregnant women.

Everything else that i would eat or drink as a non-pregnant person in moderation? Bring that shit on.

(ALSO, I remain wholly unconvinced of the whole "exposure to common allergens will encourage allergies in babies." Get your collective shit together, allergy scientists! When you can all agree on, like, two things as true, then we will talk.)