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Isaiah Mustafa Continues His 'Old Spice Guy' Reign

Last we reported, Fabio had begun starring in a series of Old Spice commercials, claiming to be the "New Old Spice Guy." We were worried. Then on Monday, Fabio challenged the old Old Spice Guy to a duel, and Isaiah Mustafa accepted.


Yes, this is all kinda stupid. But whatever; we love Isaiah Mustafa and aren't ashamed to follow his every little move.


The Mano a Mano in el Bano wasn't exactly what had in mind (both of them shirtless and wrestling around in a bathroom was what we'd hoped for, quite frankly).

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Here's where I think they failed:

1) It's waaaaaaay too long. The ideal internet video is a minute or less.

2) The Old Spice commercials have lots of fast cuts and quick changes. This feels so slow.

3) Fabio has zero charisma.

4) The commercials are wacky, not weird.

In short: Trying. Too. Hard.

(Although I still love Mustafa. That voice gets me every time!)