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Good God, Is Fabio The New Old Spice Guy?

We're confused: is Fabio really the new Old Spice guy or are the new series of Old Spice ads featuring Italian model with golden locks just some kind of publicity stunt?


Let's examine the facts: There's a website called that redirects to a YouTube account with Old Spice commercials. They are titled, "NEW Old Spice Guy Fabio." There are four different commercials (each for a different scent of the deodorant) and no mention of the original "Old Spice Guy."

So, just what the hell is going on here? Isaiah Mustafa, we'd like an explanation from you. (Just you, so we can see you again. Please.)

The Old Spice Man Returns, Wry & Sexy As Ever
There's A New Old Spice Guy In Town


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Polish Peasant

No offense Fabio darling, but I so prefer you on the cover of Johanna Lindsey novels.

Old Spice, please return to the regularly scheduled hotness of Mustafa.