Is This The Beginning Of Rachel Zoe's Baby-Making?

Last night's episode of The Rachel Zoe Project centered around the Golden Globes, and Rachel's new client presented an obstacle: A baby bump. Precious's Paula Patton was five months pregnant, and Rachel explained how a stylist works around that.


Rachel feels that you can either accentuate the bump with a form-fitted gown, or sort of mask it with an empire waist. This was final result Team Zoe came up with for Paula:

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Styling a pregnant woman was a convenient way to open the door to what looks to be a crucial subplot this season—Rachel's biological clock. Her husband Roger is itching to start a family, but Rachel (who will be 39 in September) still doesn't seem ready. Frankly, I think it's a much more interesting topic to cover than the whole Taylor mess. While Rachel said that she's busy taking the high road over the falling out, the repeated mention of her name only makes it all seem petty. Still, I can understand the need to bitch about bitches.

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Paula looks amazing, which I think 95% of the time Zoe's clients do...although it helps that they are all ridiculously gorgeous women in the first place with insane bodies. That helps...

As for the sub-plot about the babies, it was pretty clear from how Roger was "acting" that he really wants children and Zoe doesn't really. I mean, she did not really seem that interested in the idea. I always find it weird when this happens to couples. Did ya'll not discuss this before you got married? I feel like if you don't agree on that stuff, it's a dealbreaker. It's not "fair" to one spouse to keep them childless, and it's not "fair" to the other spouse to force them to have children they don't want. Zoe is obsessed with her job and fashion, and she appears pretty happy with keeping it that way.