Is This Shoe OK? $900 Ruthie Davis Frozen 2 Heels

Welcome to Is This Shoe OK?, an infrequent column about shoes that may or may not be good, as determined by me—an authority, because I own shoes—and you, in the comments below. In today’s installment, we’re looking at Luxury designer Ruthie Davis’s Frozen 2 shoe collection. Specifically, we’re examining her Elsa ankle boot.

In the quest for a holiday edition of Is This Shoe OK?, my colleague Joan Summers sent me a link to luxury designer Ruthie Davis’s Frozen 2 shoe collection, a line I absolutely would’ve never been able to find on my own. I’ve yet to see Frozen 2 (my dad’s review was that there was “too much singing,”) which I believe makes me the perfect, impartial judge to discuss the above holographic Elsa boot complete with clear plastic bodice. Yeezys, but make it red carpet.

Described on the Ruthie Davis website as an “Ankle Boot” made of “Clear PVC & Oleographic Kidskin,” featuring “Swarovski Oleographic Snowflake Crystals Up Front, 110mm Clear ‘Block Of Ice’ Heel” and “Internal Hidden Zipper,” these bad boys will set you back $898. I have never $898-loved any shoe, or sequel, not to mention a Disney franchise meant for children, but maybe someone does and maybe this is worth it to them. At the very least, it is a beautiful shoe. A beautiful shoe that will surely fill with condensation and sweat and stink the longer you wear it—the inevitable side effect of shoving your toes in PVC, a fabric most commonly used in blood bags, tubing, and wire and cable insulation.

Some of the other shoes in the collection
Some of the other shoes in the collection
Screenshot: Ruthie Davis/Disney/Frozen 2

These Elsa booties are the best in the collection. (If you want to flip through the lookbook and see some alarmingly prom-ready $598 kicks, go forth.) But as ever, Is This Shoe OK? is a collaborative effort. What do you think of these Elsa-inspired shoes? Are they OK? Are they not OK because of the price alone? Would you rock a cheaper, fast-fashion version of these heels? What if I told you that kind of purchase is horrific for the environment, but might outlast your Balmain? What then?

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The only thing this shoe evokes from me is ~ “Elsa was a late 1990's stripper? ok.”

I am, however, interested in the Anna as Nordic dominatrix look. Would like to see matching outfit, please.