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Iranian Media Censors Michelle Obama's 'Revealing' Oscars Dress

Illustration for article titled Iranian Media Censors Michelle Obamas Revealing Oscars Dress

Fars, a "semi-official" Iranian news agency, photoshopped an image of Michelle Obama announcing the Best Picture winner at the Academy Awards, adding sleeves and a high crew neck to her gown, making it appear more modest.


Iranian women—both in everyday life and in depictions in the media—are required to wear a hijab that covers their hair, legs, and arms. But censors are a little more lenient on foreign women shown on TV, to a degree. In this instance, the arbitrary line was drawn at the First Lady's chest and shoulders.

The picture of Mrs. Obama was used by the Iranian press to report on Argo's win as Best Picture, which didn't go over so well; Iran believes the film promotes "anti-Iranian" sentiments. And this isn't the first bone that Iran had to pick with the Academy Awards. The country boycotted the Oscars this year, refusing to submit a film, because the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences did not officially denounce the anti-Islam YouTube video "Innocence of Muslims." Last year, Iran had received its first Academy Award ever after A Separation won Best Foreign Film.


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Ghee Buttersnaps

Am I weird for thinking the photoshopped dress is equally as beautiful? Then again, I'm a sucker for styles like that.