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Is Leslie Jones still interested in the 2016 Rio Olympics, or is she kind of like “whatever, this shit is boring, I’m going to go make some scones, do you want one?”? Let’s take a look.

Last week, Jones posted multiple videos of herself cheering at her TV, energy levels set firmly at “neutron bomb” regardless of the event. Now that she’s physically in Rio, I wonder if it’s everything she hoped it would be. Is she concerned about Zika? Is she put off by the creepy pool algae? Let’s roll the tape:


On Saturday night, Jones finally made her official commentator debut with Ryan Seacrest, which was, of course, thrilling: Who wouldn’t be pumped to work alongside the host of Wild Animal Games? But what about Jones’ interest in the athletes, the human fabric that holds this beautiful Olympic tapestry together? Will she still scream when she meets beach volleyball star Kerri Walsh Jennings, or will she be like “Oh hey KW, I’d love to chat but I have to check on my scones, see you around”?


If I had a fraction of the joie de vivre in my entire body that Jones has in her fingernail clippings, I would never need coffee or alcohol or sleep ever again. Jones still loves the Olympics. She still loves Ryan Seacrest, and she probably still loves you, as long as you’re not a dick.

This post will be updated in the event that Leslie Jones loses interest in the Olympics.

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