Introducing the Jezebel Cunt Infinity Shirt

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“Cunt” is not generally meant as a compliment when lobbed towards us in our inboxes and mentions, but it’s the dis that’s always the funniest to have provoked. In the U.S., at least, “cunt” as a pejorative is reserved for the prickliest of people, those whose mere existences are the most disagreeably putrid and vile. But of course, it also refers to so much more that eclipses the derogatory intent of all your haters: The rebellion within, the ability to provoke, the toothiness of your vagina dentata, so to speak! In certain categories of ballroom culture, to be cunt (or soft and cunt) is one of the highest compliments; in England, cunt seems to have a joviality about it, but then maybe I just watch too much British television.


Enter the Cunt Infinity shirt, an homage to our multitudes and a shout out to everyone who thinks they can bring us down! Inspired by streetwear and available in four colorways on a t-shirt or a hoodie, it features the Jezebel logo beneath the mantra “Cunts on cunts on cunts,” inside a skateboard-wheel-reminiscent Möbius strip, so that the cuntiness may continue on into infinity. You can cop it in our store here—and if that’s not your stee, we’ve also got Jezebel logo tees and GMG Art Director Jim Cooke’s original bird-flipping uterus, which to our surprise became the symbol of Women’s Marches around the world.

Illustration for article titled Introducing the Jezebel Cunt Infinity Shirt

And if you were wondering: yes, the inside of the sweatshirts are super-soft! I wore my Cunt Infinity shirt for the entire weekend, until it got too gross to do so. Enjoy!


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