Intervention: Could 8 Hits Of LSD Cause A Rape Hallucination?

Last night's episode featured Sarah, a 23-year-old OxyContin addict who worked in an "erotic entertainment" massage parlor. Her downward spiral into addiction began at 14, when she took 8 hits of acid at once which sparked a really bad trip.

Sarah came home tripping, and later told her mother that she'd been raped. She was then taken to the hospital. From what her mother says, they never determined if Sarah had really been raped. She tripped for 18 hours straight and was held in a psych ward for three days. Whether or not the rape had physically occurred, or had just taken place in her mind, the mental imagery of it caused enough mental anguish to Sarah to affect her for the rest of her life. During the time that Intervention was being filmed, she was living with the 56-year-old owner of what's essentially a brothel, and managing the business for him.

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In the end, Sarah got cleaned up, and broke off her engagement with the older man. It's amazing how much sobriety changed not only her face, but the look in her eyes.

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I dunno if she hallucinated it, does it really matter? She is obviously traumatized either way and it's not like anyone was wrongly convicted and sent to prison for it. Her life was just so damned sad, I hope she stays sober. I did feel a teenie bit sorry for the older/creepy boyfriend. God and I think I've had it rough, my life doesn't even begin to compare to the shit she has been through. I so hope she keeps it up and builds a relationship with her son. God bless.