Instacane Brings Us 'Amaro' and 'X-Pro' Tinged Photos of Frankenstorm

Illustration for article titled Instacane Brings Us Amaro and X-Pro Tinged Photos of Frankenstorm

It's getting to a point where before you can claim the tumblr name for a brilliant website, meme, or app idea, the online hive mind has already beaten you to it. Instacane is the story of Hurricane Sandy, as told through Instagram photos. It's pretty mesmerizing; I've been clicking refresh every minute to find out the latest. Internet, what will you think of next?


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I'm gonna take this opportunity to ask a kind of on-topic question: what are you supposed to do to prepare for a hurricane in an apartment when you're not in an evacuation area? We're on the 5th and top floor, and we're about 3 blocks from the Hudson on the Jersey side (although we're set pretty high above it.) We have food and water and a flashlight and all that. But you know... I don't have anything to board up windows with or whatever if shit starts goin down. I don't know that window-shattering is in the forecast but you know, I've never lived in a hurricane-prone area so I don't know if scary structural damage to apartment buildings is a thing that happens!