'Inside Amy Schumer' Tackles the Bummer of Breast Cancer Awareness

If you're not watching Comedy Central's Inside Amy Schumer then you're missing out on one of the most important and freshest comedic voices coming squarely from a woman's perspective. She has a knack for telling those certain universal truths of being female—how weird we get about compliments, the difficulties of sexting, and how gross women's POV porn would be—in such a hilarious way that they're accessible to everyone.


For a skit on last night's episode, cancer survivor Tig Notaro approached Amy to help out with breast cancer awareness, illustrating how much unappealing it is for women to support women's causes when it means running marathons or shaving their heads.



I'm gonna be unpopular and say that I'm not super into the marathon thing, and not just because running a marathon sounds like the hardest, most unpleasant thing ever (for me). I kinda feel her character's view that most people are well aware that breast cancer happens and is a terrible thing. So running for awareness seems a bit like hype to me. So then you're left with running for money. In her character's case, she was presented as a well-known personality- maybe she could raise a good deal of money. Most people don't raise that much. And it's been established that a depressingly small amount of money raised in the name of breast cancer actually goes to preventing/curing breast cancer. I think most people's time would be better spent raising awareness of the state of breast cancer charities' use of money and our government's hesitance to invest in scientific research. If you want to run a marathon, great! If not, there are a lot of other things you can do.