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Image: Martina Saravia/Instagram

Remember that influencer who got caught Photoshopping clouds into her photos? Well, now it’s officially part of her job to Photoshop clouds into photos. reports that Martina “Tupi” Saravia, the Argentinian influencer who was caught stamping the same cloud formation into her photos, has partnered with the very app that she used to edit her photos, Enlight Quickshop. She’s reportedly in talks to develop “a pack of her own skies” for users to use. “Now I’ll have the option to change the clouds I use, for all the people who pointed out that I use the same ones,” she told People.


Saravia defended her editing at the time, saying she was transparent with her followers about how she manipulated her photos. “I’m the first one to tell the joke [that] the clouds are following me around the world,” she said. “I really don’t see the big deal.” Congratulation Saravia, the world is your highly manipulated, frequently edited oyster.

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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