I’m Inspired by This Instagram Influencer Who Photoshopped the Same Clouds Into All Her Travel Pics

If the secret to making money on Instagram is simply “get really good at Photoshop,” color me interested. Last night, I saw a tweet from Welsh social media consultant Matt Navarra that appeared to show four Instagram images from Argentinian influencer Tupi Saravia with the same exact sky. The cloud formation gave it away—they were nearly identical, leading many (including me) to believe that they were Photoshopped. Because the images were obviously edited in. I mean, come on:


I immediately went to Saravia’s Instagram account, noticed it was private, and went home for the day. Now, a few hours later, she’s back in business, baby!

BuzzFeed reached out to the influencer, who copped to using “a photo-editing app to enhance or impose clouds into her photos if the camera can’t pick them up,” that includes a feature called “Sky Control, which puts clouds into a photo.” Saravia told the publication, “I can’t believe how far this went. I used an app called Quickshot to help the composition of the photograph when the sky is burned or overexposed.”

When asked why use the same cloud, she responded, “I just happened to like that one,” and added that her 292,000+ followers were familiar with her phony cloud habit. “They were always aware about this because I never hide it. I always tell [them] the apps I use. Actually I’m the first one to tell the joke [that] the clouds are following me around the world. I really don’t see the big deal [here], I never lied about it. I haven’t done anything wrong, and it was never my intention.”

And there you have it. If people are genuinely upset over her penchant for using the same fake clouds I’d urge them to put their phones away. They’re beginning to conflate Instagram with reality. It’s not, my friends. And this story is funny.

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