I'm Ready to Go to Jackson Galaxy's Cat Camp

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My relationship with my cat, Daisy, is my life’s greatest unrequited love; I follow her to the ends of my apartment seeking her affection, and bitterly cry myself to sleep at night as she callously brushes me aside. Our relationship is in desperate need of rehabilitation. Jackson Galaxy’s Cat Camp, I’m coming for you.


Galaxy is the besepectacled host of My Cat From Hell, a show in which nightmarish felines are cat-whispered to submission, or at the very least, mutual understanding. Even if you love cats so much that you’ve knit a sweater from the fur of your beloved, this shit is frightening.

While I’m not entirely sure if I’ll be able to bring my fluffy devil to Jackson Galaxy’s Cat Camp, I am still very excited and eager to attend what might be a slightly odoriferous yet educational event for people who have cats, love cats, and want to make sure their cats are properly cared for. Cat Camp is advertised as “a celebration of cats rooted in advocacy” and will be a two-day extravaganza of panels, meet and greets, and, strangely enough, “child-friendly activities,” which leads me to believe that there will be zero cats from hell or the surrounding environs present. A shame, really, because who wouldn’t want to see Galaxy work his magic in real time on a howling fur demon with flat ears and a puffy tail?

There will be cats up for adoption and the cat zaddy himself will be there to deliver the keynote—I’m hopeful that it’s a 45-minute lecture delivered directly to me about how to get Daisy to poop in the litterbox and not on the floor directly next to it, but I’m prepared to be disappointed. It’s happening May 5 and 6 in New York City, baby, and I cannot wait!!

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I know that it’s popular trope that all cats hate their owners, but how many of you all have cats that do actually like you?

All three of mine love being around me, and demand to be loved on and cuddled. I’d post a picture of the three them with me on my bed but Kinja is being dumb.