If You're Going to Smuggle a Shitload of Cocaine, Might as Well Have Fun Before You Get Caught

Just because you’re smuggling $30 million dollars’ worth of cocaine in your suitcase doesn’t mean you can’t live it the fuck up before you get caught.

On Sunday, Quebecois women Mélina Roberge, 22 and Isabelle Lagacé, 28 were arrested with over $30 million dollars’ worth of cocaine when they docked in Sydney, Australia – the last stop in a two-month long voyage. The pair were greeted by drug dogs, border agents and Australian police, tipped off by the Canadian Border Service Agency and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

The cocaine in question was found in suitcases belonging to Roberge and Lagacé as well as 63-year old Andre Jorge Tamine, also from Quebec. No clear connection between the women and Tamine has been made at this time. From what I can tell, he doesn’t feature prominently in any of their Instagram posts from the past few months, so it’s anyone’s guess!


The two women had been on a luxury cruise around the world aboard the MS Sea Princess, which originated in London and made stops all over the world, including the United Sates, Colombia and Peru. The entire trip was documented on Instagram with the kind of reckless abandon you’d expect from two girls living like every day is their last because they’re smuggling so much cocaine and will eventually get caught.

Because their phones are most likely in custody with the Australian police, Roberge’s Instagram is still public. It is full of gems.

The vaguely philosophical, navel-gazey Instagram #influencer aphorisms about travel and exploring the world work on multiple, delightful levels.


“Enjoy every single moment” is the vanilla pudding of life mottos but I like to think of these gals traipsing about the globe doing their best to do just that because I guess they didn’t think they’d get caught.


On Saturday, the day before the pairs’ arrest, Roberge posted the following.


I eagerly await the Locked Up: Abroad episode about this escapade.

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"Not a real" DrDonna

Each of these photos is hilarious if you replace the last noun in their inane commentary with “cocaine”:

“:means the protection of the cocaine”

“Even when a random guy is photo bombing your cocaine!”

“When you wake up and need cocaine”