If You Want to Breastfeed, This Video Is Your Jam

I have no milky boob to fling into the breastfeeding yay vs breastfeeding boo battle royale, but if you do choose to breastfeed your child, this music video will show you the nipple er light er both.


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omg I am dying over here! But hey let's have some real talk about breastfeeding up in here. Because I am all about supporting mothers in whatever decision they make on how to feed their baby, but if you want to breastfeed there is a whole lot of BS out there that is supposedly in service of encouraging women to nurse but winds up making breastfeeding sound easy-peasy and 100% awesome all the time and for so many women it just is not, at least at first. I think you can say "This is a worthwhile thing to try, if you want to" and also say "But it can be very difficult, painful, and emotionally draining." Those things can exist together. There are things that are both worthwhile and okay to want to try but also potentially very physically and emotionally difficult. I wish we could be more honest about this.