If There Are Still Royals, Does That Make You a Peasant?

As everyone is well aware from the torrential downpour of celebrity gossip about them, the United Kingdom still has royals. (If this is news to you, I’m so sorry you had to find out this way.) But do we still have peasants? If so, who are they? Are WE the peasants? I mean, if you have to ask....

In the latest installment of our ongoing video series explaining the mystifying rituals of the ancient pet raptor population who occupy Buckingham Palace and its associated castles, I consider the question of the peasantry. Sure, it’s a specific historical concept that doesn’t really apply anymore, but if there’s one thing I learned at the royal wedding, it’s pretty much an academic question when you’re literally sitting on the ground in the dirt waiting for a prince to make his appearance.



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I have spent a weird amount of time thinking about where I’d be in the hierarchy of societies with royals, both in a Game of Thrones society and real life things. I’d probably be an unsuccessful social climber who ended up hung or burned at the stake or something. I make good money, but I wouldn’t be able to work (certainly not as a business analyst in IT lol) do I’d have to hone my skills into getting a Lord or something. But I’m not great at networking.