ICYMI: A Reality Producer on the Dangers of Casting for Volatility

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Perhaps you spent Thanksgiving eating food, buying stuff, and ignoring all your things, like emails, text messages and new podcasts. If that happens to be the case, now seems like a great time to catch up! In the second part of our plump and juicy 2-part interview with Mark Cronin, father of celeb-reality TV, the conversation takes a darker, more serious turn.

Producing celeb-reality TV isn’t all fun and games; in the conclusion to our conversation, Mark Cronin and Supervising Talent Producer (and Mark’s wife) Lisa Lopez, discuss the end of the celeb-reality era, which ended pretty abruptly with the death of Jasmine Firoe, who was murdered by Ryan Jenkins, a contestant on VH1's Megan Wants a Millionaire. The grisly case brought an end to that specific era of reality television; Cronin is frank with us about the fallout and the effect that the murder had on the casting process for all reality TV moving forward.

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