I Felt a Great Disturbance in the Force, as if Mark Hamill Tweeted 'Thank You, Next' & Everything Got Real Fucked Up

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There are only two things on this earth that I love: catchy breakup songs with brazen call-outs, and Star Wars. So it was with extreme pleasure that I report to you that Mark Hamill tweeted, “Thank you, next,” i.e., the title of Ariana Grande’s infamous Pete Davidson clapback. He did not mean to do it, but in life, there are no accidents.

According to Billboard, Hamill did not realize he had tweeted out the name of Grande’s newest single and the title of her upcoming album, as he lives on a remote planet populated entirely by fish nuns, or so my brain, which can definitely separate fact from fiction, chooses to believe. But the Grande fandom was quick to inform him that he’d quoted one of the recent history’s greatest break-up anthems, and Grande herself seemed slightly starstruck:


As aforementioned, Hamill clearly did not follow the Grande/Pete Davidson drama with the same devotion as the rest of us, and he apologized for confusing the queen’s mantra with “a random phrase.” It was a very exciting moment for me, for the Fandom, and for Grande, who needs to be kept very far away from tattoo parlors for the foreseeable future.


Anyway, I am certain Disney will find a way to turn this into a feature-length spinoff, which is fine with me, as Piggy Smalls would make an A+ action figure.

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