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Andie MacDowell, star of Sex Lies and Videotape, Groundhog Day, and (on occasion) the “tourist class” section of commercial airliners, loves to tweet. Her favorite categories of tweets include signal boosts for shelter animals in need of homes, inspirational quotes, and links to articles bashing Donald Trump. (“Liberal here,” she once wrote.) But what makes her account particularly special—what separates her from the now-typical category of unfiltered, devil-may-care celebrity Twitter account—are her replies.

MacDowell loves tweeting back! Though she’s not the only famous person who thanks fans for friendly remarks (or claps back at haters), she is the only Andie MacDowell. And imagining her sitting at a marble table in the breakfast nook of her newish LA home, sipping unsweetened iced tea while furiously responding to tweets on a wireless keyboard connected to an iPad Air sitting snugly a white case that she somehow manages to keep free from scuff marks is really doing something for me.

Take this exchange, for example. On Monday morning, one of MacDowell’s fans (let’s call them Fandies) sent the actress a photo of herself from a 1983 issue of Vogue, along with wishes for a blessed and joy-filled week.

Andie appeared to love this, and sent some joy right on back.


She loves sending joy, by the way.

Like, a lot.


A lot a lot.

On the other side of the spectrum, here’s MacDowell shutting down a hater with this succinct burn that I may use in the future.


Lately, MacDowell has been spending time making it very clear that she will not stand for anyone who defends Trumps lewd comments about pussy grabbing.


It’s sort do I put this. Cher-lite?

I’m not recommending that you follow Andie right away (the number of inspirational retweets and adoption notices from shelters outside your area can be a little much), but if you need a reprieve from Ken Bone or scary clowns, a few minutes with Andie might be a nice distraction.