Andie MacDowell Booted From First Class, Moved to 'Tourist Class' Like Some Kind of Normal

Andie MacDowell is furious, perhaps for the first time in her life. Though she booked a first class ticket for her American Airlines flight Friday afternoon, the actress was moved to coach (she calls this “tourist class”) because of her dog. Or something. I don’t know what happened, exactly, because her twitter feed is currently as incoherent as those of non-celebrities—flooded with angry half sentences and complaints to brands.


Read them. Imagine yourself beside Andie MacDowell as she holds her iPhone with one hand and types each tweet letter by letter with a single finger from her other, occasionally posing for a selfie with a fan.


30,000 feet below MacDowell, her tweets are being read by the an American Airlines community manager who’s probably calling their coworkers over and screaming, “The woman from Groundhog Day is mad at us!! The woman from Groundhog Day is mad at us!!” What a treat for them.

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I am calm, but thanks

I’d be mad if I paid for first class and got moved to coach too.