I Believe James Charles

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Hi sisters, let’s take a glance at what looks like a controversy about some new merch from James Charles but most likely is not.


For those who do not follow the comings and goings of Sister Charles, a YouTuber with content that is both repellent and compelling, often at the same time, I’m sorry for bringing this information to you, but again, it’s worthy of acknowledgment because the very STATE of celebrity is changing right before our eyes, and watching that play out is a nice distraction.

Here’s the sister scoop: James Charles released new merch that bears a resemblance to some other merch put out by YouTubers Ethan and Hila Klein (who?), and the Kleins have taken issue with this choice, starting some light beef that, I’d like to say, most certainly is NOT real.

To reiterate-the Kleins indeed did not invent color blocking, and also, these colors and the general vibe of this merch resembles pretty much everything that’s for sale right now at various fast-fashion retailers. It’s just trendy! Normal. Honestly, I love a controversy as much as the next gal, but this ain’t it. Not content to let this slide, this Klein person tried to fan the flames:

Not enough spice in this sauce for me personally to follow up, but I’m pretty sure that this is just a bald-faced attempt by the Kleins at drumming up publicity, which didn’t quite work. Back to the drawing board! [Just Jared]

Halle Berry is dating someone named Van Hunt, as she has finally “confirmed” via her Instagram, according to People. I really do love that for her, but what I am more curious about is why she’s been showing feet on Instagram as a means of demonstrating her love and affection?




I guess this is better than showing the face of the man you are dating, if you are. a famous person and are trying to keep the identity of the person you’re dating secret. But, like, hands? Two people, in silhouette, shot against a setting sun on a beach? Something?? Other than feet??


Glad she’s happy. No more feet on main, please. [People]

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Sassy After Death

I don’t know who the people you mentioned at the start are and I’m glad of it. I’m also not going to look them up since I have better things to do with my time (look up cute cats and dogs instead).