I Am Once Again Asking You to Focus on Armie Hammer's Alleged Abuse

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Not to copy/paste and rephrase everything that Jezebel reporter Hazel Cills already wrote this week, but can we pleeeeeeeease stop getting distracted by all of the lurid details pertaining to Armie Hammer’s personal life and pay attention to his ex-girlfriend’s claims of abuse?


To recap, app founder Courtney Vucekovich briefly dated the actor after he and ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers ended their marriage last summer. Vucekovich alleges that Hammer was emotionally abusive and prone to coercion and manipulation, both sexual and emotional. As she told Page Six on Thursday, she began suffering from panic attacks after they broke up because of what she’d endured and ended up checking herself into a 30-day partial hospitalization program designed to treat PTSD and trauma.

All of that’s falling by the wayside in the press, however, because of some wild sexts purportedly sent by Hammer in which the sender engages in kinky talk about violence and cannibalism, which GROW UP EVERYONE would be totally fine in a clearly consensual context. And now, there are more distractions: The Daily Mail found Hammer’s finsta—that is, his secret Instagram for close friends—and published some pics and videos from it in which he talks about having sex, which can be great, and how much he likes doing drugs, which also can be great.

The Daily Mail and other outlets are simply transfixed by the content of these finsta posts, as if having sex and doing drugs are not only indicative of a person’s low moral character or possible criminality but also somehow worse than abuse allegations, which they’re not. Forgive me for this self-righteous soapbox moment, but everyone! Please! Can you get your shit together and get back to what actually matters here? Thank you.

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“There is no sequel,” said Wendi McLendon-Covey when asked about a possible second Bridesmaids movie.

Well, that’s a shame, because there should be a sequel. And it should show Lillian and Dougie getting divorced and the bridesmaids reassembling to finally take her to Vegas. Lillian can lose her shit because Annie is in a happy and stable relationship and, in Annie fashion, she keeps talking about how good her marriage is. Kristen, let me write this for you. My rate is not high.