I Am Extremely Worried About Shelley Duvall

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Please believe me when I say that I mean this with the greatest sincerity: after watching this, I am very, very worried about Shelley Duvall.

As you’ll recall, Duvall is best known for playing Olive Oyl in the delightfully strange Popeye as well as Jack Nicholson’s long-suffering wife Wendy in The Shining. She was also the host of Showtime’s live action Faerie Tale Theatre, a twinkling gem of a show that ran from 1982-1987 featuring live-action fairy tales directed by the likes of Tim Burton and Francis Ford Coppola. Really, great stuff. Shelley Duvall hasn’t been in the public eye for a while and after viewing this very brief preview for this week’s episode of Dr. Phil, I’m extremely worried about her well-being.


Shelley Duvall believes that Robin Williams is still alive, but as a shapeshifter. She believes the Sheriff of Nottingham has threatened her. She said something about a whirring disk in her leg and she’s trusting Dr. Phil to lead her towards recovery. Shelley Duvall doesn’t need Dr. Phil. Shelley Duvall needs actual help from a team of medical professionals, not a doctor that looks like a thumb with a mustache.

The interview airs November 18 and hopefully Duvall gets some real help after the fact.

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Tabby Gevinson

I really wish that Oprah had never brought Dr.’s Phil & Oz out of the grays.

ETA: autoplay = please don’t