Hurricane Sandy Strips Madonna Bare

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Performing at Madison Square Garden, the sinewy singer asked fans to throw cash at her for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Everyone is using this as an opportunity to make fun of Madge getting naked for naked's sake, but screw it. Shake your money maker for the people, you fabulous fat-free maniac!


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Libby Tarian

Ha ha - sinewy?

I bet there are a ton of men and women mad as hell at her for looking better than she ever has (and better then they ever did) eventhough she's over 40...oops silly me...over 50, Not so long ago (and still I hear it occasionally) that women are used up and no man wants them after 40.

This derisive and demoralizing taunts from men who demand excuses to dump loyal wives who wrecked their bodies birthing, breast feeding and raising too many kids MEN wanted them to bear for them, so they could go chase poor young women who will put up with those men's faded faces and paunches.

And speaking of paunches. I've had a baby, Madonna has had a baby. We don't have paunches but seriously there are paunchy men everywhere with huge pot bellies. They haven't had a baby. What is their excuse? They are supposed to be stronger so they say and yet they fall apart with age worse then women do.

Could it be that now that women control their bodies and don't have to have 10 babies from forced sex and no condoms, that they now emerge as being more able to rejuvenate due to not being dragged down by too many children. Could women have evolved to be stronger just to overcome the historical standard 10 or 20 birthings they used to have to recover from? I think there is emerging scientific data on that and plenty on the effect of estrogen on rejuvenation.

Could women's physical strength lie in the ability to recover, to bounce back , to be resilient instead of ,,,,powerful but brittle.

How different the genders evolved to be. And that's why we live longer. Not because our lives are easier by far but because estrogen pushes your body to rejuvenate itself. Thats why women age so fast after menopause. But thats also no longer an issue thanks to biologically identical hormone therapy - from something as harmless as yams.