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Hungarian Camerawoman Who Kicked Refugees Given Three Years Probation

Image via AP.
Image via AP.

A woman named Petra Lazlo was caught on tape in 2015 tripping and kicking refugees who had been held in a field by Hungarian authorities. The incident took place on the Hungarian-Serbian border, when hundreds of the refugees broke police lines in an attempt to escape. Lazlo, a camerawoman, was there to film the news, but instead she dropped her camera to attack children.


CNN reports that the Szeged District Court has sentenced Laszlo to three years’ probation for tripping Osama Abdul Mohsen, a Syrian refugee who was holding his seven-year-old son Zaid, and then another girl running behind them. Laszlo was fired after the footage of her attack was widely released on Facebook and other social media platforms. She issued an apology, but then changed track, saying she plans to launch a suit again Mohsen when her criminal trial comes to an end.

Mohsen told CNN that refugees were running because the migrant camp they’d been living in had horrible conditions; he’d only spent one night there, but many refugees had been there for weeks, spurring the stampede. “This caused anxiety and weariness to many migrants,” he explained. “The indifference of the Hungarian authorities triggered the situation, causing the migrants to storm the police defenses and walk their way to the nearby village, around three to five kilometers away.”


Mohsen told the Guardian that he’s forgiven Laszlo, despite her threats, and said that her directed attention to him and his family, securing him a job in Spain.

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Less talk about this human shitstain, please. Why give her any more attention?

Instead, let’s spend our energy talking about how cute little Zaid is. Mohsen was actually a high-level football coach in Syria, and his job in Spain is for the Spanish Football Federation. Last year, the family got to meet Real Madrid and little Zaid walked on the field with Cristiano Ronaldo before a match as one of the team’s mascots.